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“I’m tired,” + “I don’t feel well” = fatigue

Last week I saw this twitter update  and it really got me thinking. How often do I say “I’m tired?” Truth be told, TOO MUCH! I use “I’m too tired” when I am resisting something I need to do, especially when that something is creative. I also use it when the thing I need to do seems too big or daunting.

Does what we say to ourselves really play a role in or health and how we feel? Most of us believe that what we say to others matter, right? We can empower or bring others down by our words and our tonality. Wouldn’t that also stand true with the words we say internally to ourselves? How about if we say the same words or phrases over and over again? We know telling a child she is dumb conditions a child to grow up  not believing in herself. How about the words you say to yourself? Do you have a spell you put on  yourself everyday that helps determine how you feel? Most of us do. How do we break the spell? And is it as easy as just  not saying it?

Maybe it would be naive to say that if we just stop saying we feel bad or that we are tired it will go away. At the same time, I am wondering if there was ever a time you were physically exhausted and engaged 100% in doing something you just loved? In those moments did you feel tired? Or did the time just fly by?

What does all this mean? What I have found that my MINDSET-whatever I am focusing on +  LANGUAGE I use +  how I use my BODY =  HOW I FEEL.

I would love to share with you a strategy I use to move past “I’m too tired.”

  1. Think of  a specific time you use “I’m too tired.”  What are the patterns or triggers that have “I’m too tired” come up?
  2. Notice what are you resisting when you feel tired.
  3. Ask: How do you want to feel right now? What is my outcome? Why is this important to me?
  4. What do I need to focus on right now to feel this way?
  5. What do I need to say to myself right now?
  6. How do I need to stand? move? breath? and use my body right now to feel this way?
  7. What action can I take right now to move me closer to what I want?

Bonus: What would happen if you just took “I’m too tired” out of your vocabulary? Challenge: Take it out for the next week and watch to see the change!

Please leave a comment or a question. I would love to hear from you.


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Interruptions from the living room | MOM! I need you!

Working from home is a blessing. I am grateful that in-between coaching calls I get to emerge from my office and steal kisses from my kids. I get to be here when they get home from school, hear about my children’s day and connect with them for 10  minutes before they go out to play. I have also found that as much as it is a blessing I have had to learn to manage the interruptions. At times the interruptions are a welcomed break but other times…. lets just say they can get me off track especially when I am working on something creative or even better a task I have been resisting doing anyway.

My Mom cares for my children when I am working and I find that I still get pulled off task when the kids are crying, demanding something or when they don’t like the response they are getting from Grandma. Here are a few of my strategies and mindsets I use to deal with the interruptions.

  1. Schedule breaks where you can connect with kids and give them your full attention. This helps me stay focused on business when I should be working and my children when I am with them. Watch for my video Overcoming Mommy Guilt to be posted real soon.
  2. Set clear ground rules for your work time with your children. If my office door is closed it is a clear sign that kids do not enter! I am often working on the phone with coaching clients that deserve my full attention and my kids now understand that I am off  limits during this time unless there is an emergency. When I am working without childcare my office door is open and they know office visits are allowed.
  3. Create a work mindset (more on this later.) I focus on the outcome I am working on, trust that my children are being cared for and that my Mom can handle all the upsets.
  4. Admission- Loud screaming and crying really get to me. During these times I take a deep  breath and ask myself  “Do I really need to solve this? Do they really need me right now?” More often than not the answer to these questions is a big fat NO. My children are just fine, it will all blow over in a few minutes and I do not welcome this interruption to get me upset or off task. Next,  I need to make a decision, do I leave my office or stay on task?
  5. Sometimes I make the choice to leave the office to find out the problem. In the past I would engage with my kids angry for the interruption. My new habit is to first remember that I am choosing to get involved, center myself and enter the upset with my kids from a calm place.  I know when I do this the interruption is significantly shorter and we come to a solution and a hug much quicker.
  6. When I am ready to get back on task I always start with “what is my outcome right now?” Asking a question always grants me an answer. This allows to get back on track and engaged in what I am working on.
  7. Last I remind myself daily that I GET to work from home.  It is indeed a blessing and the truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Please share your comments below. What are some of your tips for handling interruptions from your family while working from home?

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