My Story

Hello, I’m Jayne Jewell and I am a lifestyle design expert and coach. I empower women to love their life, create synergy between home and career all the while growing their small businesses to new highs.

At 12 years old I participated in my first personal development program with entrepreneur and peak performance coach Tony Robbins. During his NLP certification I lead my first coaching session and I was hooked! I knew I was meant to empower people to breakthrough their obstacles and take action towards their goals and dreams. I have traveled the world as a trainer and coach for Robbin’s Research International for the past 15 years working with thousands of people to set meaningful goals, move through the obstacles and get results.

The real story that led me to work with women was after the birth of my first child. After all I knew, all the work I did with clients, all the work I had done on myself… I was lost. Somewhere along the way of becoming a mother I lost sight of me as a woman, my femininity, what I wanted to contribute to the world, who I was as a Mom? A Wife? And more importantly where did I go? In order to reclaim the strengths of who I was I needed to first design the life I was meant to live.

I am grateful that my life is about coaching women to design a life they love that includes filling themselves up, sharing those gifts in a meaningful way with their loved ones and profiting from a business or career that lights them up.  I will empower you to design a life you choose, give you the tools and strategies to move you towards your goals, and live a mindset that has you truly live, love and thrive.

Welcome to my online home, here you can read through blog articles, sign up for my free e-course, and participate in 52 weeks of living, loving and thriving.

I am available for coaching, interviews, guest writing and speaking. Please send email to